Baggage allowances provision by Middle East Major Airlines for flights to the Philippines

Baggage allowances provision, vis-à-vis cargo limits for check-in and hand carry items has been a seemingly never-ending issue for travelers around the world.

Unless, you are a frequent flyer of a certain airline or two, these information can be so tedious to familiarize, often times leading to an unexpected and upfront expenses.

For sure, nobody wants to get charged, right in the middle of a flight check-in procedure, specially if the price is quite high.

Take a look at this valuable table generated by Thoughtskoto, covering the list of maximum allowed baggage by airline:

Maximum allowable baggage for middle east major airlines to the Philippines

JBSOLIS.COM noted that a passenger can actually enroll online for a pertinent flyer program in order to get an extra 10 kgs maximum allowable baggage.

For international flights, "Usually the airlines allow international travellers with 2 bags of 23 kilos each bag, plus 10 kilos hand carry, and sometimes, they allow 1 baggage weighing not more than 32 kilos", Thoughtskoto added.

Are you flying from the Middle East to the Philippines and worried about what are the maximum allowable baggage set by the available airlines? Take note of the table above for your reference.

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