Boy in China cuts a construction worker's lifeline due to noise interrupting his TV session

A 10-year-old boy in Guiyang City, China cut the lifeline of a construction worker outside his apartment, sending the poor utility man to hang for his life, unable to move up and down while stuck eight floors above the ground.

Boy cuts a construction worker lifeline

The man was installing a light add-on to the outer wall of the building where the young boy was living, enjoying some cartoon runs.

When confronted by authorities, the 10-year-old youngster confessed, he got irritated by the noise of the drillings outside his apartment. 'The sound of drilling outside was noisy while I was watching cartoons, so I cut the rope with a knife', the boy told police.

Kids these days can do quite a lot of terrible, and often disturbing things just to save their love for cartoon shows. Such TV programs should at least, teach how bad it is to commit murder, Master Blaster of Rocket News 24 remarked.

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