Amazing Delhi chef dips hand into boiling oil while frying (Video)

How about dipping your hands in a cauldron of boiling oil in the middle of your frying session? The following videos will surely amaze you.

Chef dips hand into boiling oil

Delhi chef Prem Kumar may look a bit old for the kind of skill he has got, but you got to see him dip his bare hands into a huge cauldron full of boiling oil.

After a few searches online, we found that Chef Kumar is not the only one out there who can pull off the one-of-a-kind dipping.

In Indonesia, there is this old woman doing the same, while cooking something.

In Pakistan, a video uploaded 3 years ago shows a man occassionally dipping and scooping boiling oil with his bare hands.

Is this for real or just a matter of immunity of the hands over time?

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