Dilapidated metal grill-strips along Katipunan Avenue could be a deadly trap

If you traverse Katipunan Avenue, in Quezon City quite often or perhaps on a daily basis, you must have seen this deadly trap lying pretty on the 2nd lane from the roadside, Ateneo area.

It is located almost under the footbridge in the said location.

We chanced upon this dilapidated metal grill-strips yesterday, while waiting for a Jeepney ride to UP Diliman.

Katipunan avenue metal grill strips

About right in the middle of the metals set looks like a 3-inches deep shallow space where a motorcycle wheel can easily fit in, and eventually succumb to an immediate crash. How would you take it with your precious car wheels?

By simple observation, the manhole-like ground placement has been there quite long already.

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