DJ Mo Twister posts a #TBT: Video of Cristy Fermin captioned "The aswang from your childhood doing her mating call"

We are unsure what would other netizens say with the latest Instagram post of DJ Mo Twister for a #TBT or Throwback Thursday, bearing a video clip of columnist, radio host and TV anchor Cristy Fermin, showing some weird expertise (as she called it) - burping repeatedly.

Cristy Fermin Burp Skill

Mo captioned his post "#tbt The aswang from your childhood doing her mating call".

The comments that came in, varied. Some found the video funny, while others had it their sort of a "day maker".

"Hahahahaha this made my day!", said one of the Instagram followers of Twister.

"This will give me nightmares", said the other one.

Cristy Fermin Burp Skill

Most likely, some of us might find the following video of Ms. Fermin disgusting and gross. Some of those who watched it on Instagram, left comments that are quite derogatory.

Watch: Video of Cristy Fermin doing multiple burps

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