Images of dog dragged behind car in Guangdong spark outrage + Video

Online outrage exploded over images of a dog being dragged behind a hand in Guangdong.

dog dragged behind car

The poor dog tied on the neck and around the shoulder was photographed by a passerby, said Upon upload to a Chinese social media, a lot of web users expressed their utmost anger; They even formed an online protest, wherein they tried to identify the person behind the animal abuse.

dog dragged behind car

Through the effort, name, address and a series of phone numbers associated with the car owner were found. When the netizens tried to call, the numbers were unreachable.

The dog cannot keep up with pace of the running car, leaving no choice but to bleed and paint its own blood on the pavements, another China based news said. (,

The scene was also videotaped by a motorist driving along the same street where the dog-dragging-SUV was spotted. Watch the video, but be warned - it can be too much for you, specially if you are a dog owner.

According to other witnesses, the dog was dragged to death.

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