Creepy: Argentina mom captures tiny creature while filming her child (Video)

Do you believe in dwarfs? Like those that have been mentioned in the famous tale, Snow White? This video taken by a mother in Santa Fe, Argentina would creep you out.

According to the Youtube video description, Silvia was kind of documenting her son Benjamin's daily activities until a strange, tiny creature suddenly appeared running across the floor.

The family has been hearing Benjamin seemingly having a conversation with someone somewhere in the house's hallway.

What they caught on video seem to have confirmed the suspicion.

Watch the video:

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Anonymous said...

Fake, Shadow of cupboard leg and creature in different directions.

Anonymous said...

The Cupboard leg is a reflection, not a shadow.

Anonymous said...

Fine, where's the shadow of the cupboard then?

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but a shadow wouldn't appear in a negative shot, would it? Kinda like it wouldn't appear in a heat-sensor image... Am I right?