Eminem sues New Zealand National Party for using "Lose Youself" in an election campaign

American rapper Eminem, through his publishers is seeking damages for a copyright infringement against a New Zealand National Party.

Eminem sues New Zealand Political Party

Apparently, the political party used the artist's "8 Mile Soundtrack" "Lose Yourself" in an election campaign material for prime minister John Key.

"Unauthorized use has been made of Eminem’s Grammy and Academy Award-winning song 'Lose Yourself'..", said Eminem's publishers.

On the other hand, Key's party argues it is innocent what it is being accused of. Hence, it is looking forward to defending itself in the court.

"The National party will be defending this action vigorously.. As the matter is now before the courts we will not be making any further public comment.", the party stated.

Watch the campaign campaign video material below:

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