Fake 1,000 bill from BPI ATM?

The question goes: Is it possible to acquire fake money (bills) from a bank's ATM machine?

Fake 1000 bill from BPI ATM

Our featured real-life story today made it sound like, yes it is possible.

Some 13 hours ago, we saw a Facebook post warning the public about withdrawing money from the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

The said Facebook user claimed that she got a fake 1,000 bill from a Bank of the Philippine Islands' (BPI) ATM.

She only learned about the fake money when she decided to deposit some cash to Banco De Oro (BDO).

The Facebook alert on fake 1,000 bill from BPI ATM went:
Beware sa mga nagwiwithdraw ng pera sa atm hindi na din xa safe kahit nasa loob ng bank. Kung hindi pa ako nagdeposit sa BDO di ko malalaman na may nawithdraw ako na fake na 1000 sa BPI atm. 
PS: Pinost ko lang to raise awareness at para maging maingat ang mga nagwiwithdraw.
While there are major elements in the story still missing or maybe, just not shared in the post, the possibilities that fake bills can be acquired from the ATM machines are still possible, specially if putting the money inside the electronic keep is done through an outsourced service.

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