Fight like real men? Well, these kids can show you how (Video)

You must have heard of the phrase "fight like a real man", haven't you? It is often used in most streets fights out there, trying to encourage both of the involved individuals to take things lightly by fighting the way real men with respect do.

How to fight like real men

After all, it's must be a way to let go of one's bursting anger or maybe disappointment. After a series of quite decent exchange of punches and kicks, things should be back to normal like nothing happened.

This way, long term hatred towards someone can be avoided.

Watch how these kids do it, set inside a comfort room, presumably of a school.

Anyway, are you a fan of UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship? You must have seen how fighters shake hands and or embrace each other after the fight rounds. It is a great way to show respect and one's heartfelt acceptance of defeat, but of course, with a note to self to improve for the better.

But then again, if things can be settled in a peaceful manner, like not resorting to a fist fight and the like, why not?

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