Fil-Am daredevil gets arrested after climbing historical water tower in NJ

"Fil-Am daredevil", 16-year old Justin Casquejo seem to have renewed his passion for pulling off some stunts - he just got arrested a new after he decided to climb the historical water tower in Weehawken, New Jersey.

Fil-Am daredevil Justin Casquejo

If you can recall, Casquejo was the guy who "climbed atop the 1 World Trade Center in New York last March", Inquirer said in an article.

The Filipino-American "daredevil" pleaded guilty during his trial. He fulfilled a 23-days of community service penalty.

On September 17, Casquejo did similar act by climbing the 175-foot water tower in NJ.

He was charged with "defiant trespassing and resisting arrest", Jersey Journal reported.

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