Gabby Eigenmann sends parting message to dad Mark Gil

Following the sudden demise of veteran actor Mark Gil (Raphael Joseph De Mesa Eigenmann in real life) due to complications from  liver cirrhosis, on Monday were touching messages of mourning from fellow celebrities.

It has been a tough struggle for the Eigenmann family, but in the end, the calling has to come and whether a person would like it or not, this worldly life has to pass on to a new dimension.

Gabby Eigenmann, one of the sons of the late Mark Gil posted the following message on his Instagram account, today September 1:
...And so you held my hand in yours, just like you did when I was young . But then you held it to your heart just as you slowly slipped away. Today I said goodbye to you Dad. I said the last I love you that you would hear. Fly free with the Lord, fly free without pain. No worries, no problems, just love. Thank you for everything you have done for me and the family. Thank you for the legacy you have left behind. You will be forever in our hearts, till we meet again..
Gabby Eigenmann sends message to dad Mark Gil on Instagram

RIP Mark Gil. Your legacy in the movie industry will live.

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