Job ad of Shanghai-based mobile app company angers developer community

A "discriminatory" job ad looking for a "Lead Software Engineer", posted by a Shanghai-based mobile app company, went viral today due to its being "distasteful" in many ways -- developers felt insulted.

Discriminatory Developer Job Ad

The said ad had the involved company's introduction:
..a company that makes an awesome mobile app which provides incentives for users to discover cool new places around them. The app is fully interactive (and also quite addictive) and was featured by Apple as an Editor's Pick on the App Store within one week of launch.
"We are a venture-funded business run by an experienced team of entrepreneurs with diverse international backgrounds", the company description further stated.

But certainly, it kind of went overboard when it reached the "Who We Want" and "Who We Don't Want" sections.

The Who We Want section:
You are ambitious, intense and entrepreneurial, and you dream of doing truly epic shit with your life. You recoil at the thought of having 1.15 kids, balloting for a flat, saving up for a Toyota and waiting to withdraw your CPF savings at 65 (or 70, or 80, or 120).
Who We Don't Want
You are a shallow social climber whose dream is to work for Goldman Sachs because it "looks good on your CV". You went to an Ivy League university because it would "look good on your CV". But you couldn't get into Goldman Sachs (or Citibank, or HSBC) because you actually have no passion for finance, just like how you want to buy that Louis Vuitton bag (because it will "look good on your social CV") despite having no passion for design and craftsmanship. Guess what? If you were rejected by Goldman Sachs, you will be rejected by us too. For exactly the same reasons. Advice: try applying for a government job.
You are afraid of failing because failing bruises your delicate and fragile ego. When you do fail, you take steps to cover up your mistakes, and try to push blame onto others. You would rather be passive and remain a passenger, because passengers don't get blamed when the car crashes. When your boss asks you why you haven't sorted out an issue with a client, you reply with: "I sent them an e-mail but they haven't replied yet". Advice: go to law school.
You are a social misfit. You like technology only because you can't relate to real people. You spend your weekends playing DOTA and in your sleep you dream about your hero reaching Level 38. At school, you were always the last to get picked on any project or sports team. Having a conversation with you is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Advice: go seek help from a mental health professional.

Plus its long list of requirements, featuring the demand for a color photo and offer of a salary ranging from S$4,000 to S$5,000 (US$3,100 to US$4,000), Singaporean developers expressed their utmost dissappointment.

For one, Guo Chen Hou, a Singaporean software developer felt, Sugar "sidelines a large segment of Singaporeans who would inevitably go down the path of having kids and getting a house.", and that S$5,000 salary is just too small for a lead developer.

"The tone of the job description is condescending..", added Bryan Lim, also a developer.

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