Laughtrip: This guy impersonates late comedian Babalu. So funny you will cry laughing!

One of the Philippine's most revered comedians is the late "Babalu", born Pablito Sarmiento, Jr., of Sampaloc, Manila.

He died in 1998 due to liver cancer. He was 56.

Babalu's career in the movie industry as a comedian jump started as a driver for another comedian Panchito, who also died earlier sometime in December of 1995.

Babalu impersonator

The late "King of Comedy" Dolphy discovered Babalu's talent as a comedian, hence his entry to show business.
The screen name "Babalu" was taken from his long chin, which is called "baba" in Tagalog. He appeared in several movies and sitcoms like "Home Along Da Riles" and "Oki Doki Doc".

History aside, let's watch this hilarious video, quite perfectly impersonating Babalu. If you happened to watch some of Babalu's movies or segments on television, you would surely laugh your heart out.

Watch: A guy singing "Kahit Maputi Na Ha Ang Buhok Ko" (Orig. by Rey Valera) while impersonating Babalu:

This video was originally recorded and uploaded by Jonas Olivar, about a week ago. The guys in the video are Charlie Ricaplaza (vocals) and Jimancel Ricaplaza (guitar).

Props to these guys for the good Monday laugh.

Social network accounts of Charlie and Jimancel:
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