Bloggers' Events Gatecrasher on the loose, jumping from one event to another. Legit bloggers cry foul

Bloggers Events Gatecrasher? Uninvited? Lootbags "Blogger"? Yes! These people exist these days in the blogging community, at least in the Philippines.

Among the huge denomination of bloggers in the Philippines, there has been this on-going issue, wherein a guy claiming to be from a traditional media (Trad Media), "Philippine Daily Star" (?) in particular, has been jumping from one event to another without any invitations.

The sad part is, he gatecrashes in the events of the legit bloggers, with actual working blogs, who usually take time to sign up online as an RSVP to an exclusive invite, a Facebook conversation pointed out on September 5 (Fri).

Worsening the situation is that, this guy has been getting away with his practice, giving real hard-working and honest bloggers a bad name.

Just recently, the said claiming to be trad media guy, brought along two of his friends in an event he is not invited at. Being there, he gets to take home the same perks as that of the invited bloggers. "Perks" can be loot bags, gift certificates, free services or a combination of many sets.
Yesterday, we encountered this low-life scumbag named H**** E******* (in blue) gatecrashing an event at may +2 pang kasama. According to sources, matagal na niyang gawain ito at nagpapanggap na trad (he works for "Philippine Daily Star" daw before) and now pretending as a blogger without a blog. Nakapasok pa din siya sa event and nagpumilit na magka loot bag. The sad part lang is instead na matigil ang ganitong issue, pinalalagpas na lang ang pagge gatecrash. Honestly, nakaka-insulto ito sa mga official guests. Kaya lalong kumakapal mukha ng katulad niyang gatecrasher kasi hinahayaan lang sila. (Facebook user J.V.)
Bloggers cry foul why the said "gatecrasher" is still on the loose because he is being ignored and tolerated by the PR companies.

Apparently, the guy has been weaving through bloggers events in the metro for quite a long time already, as can be deduced from the following statements:

"Tambay yan ng megamall at naghahanap ng events to join in, tapos kung ano anong websites ang ginagamit. Even stole the identity of a blogger to watch a movie premiere", Facebook user F.J. said.

"He's a regular at Shang din. One time I asked him who invited him and he said, "I invited myself!" (Mr. S)

"Grabe na yan, J. Daming sightings yan, kahit sa high-level events. He's only after food and lootbags. Whenever we see him, we warn the organizers about him. He also gatecrashed in our BusinessWorld events before. Lately, he has been getting the names and contact details of guests na ka-table nya, asking them to write in his notebook. May tendency nga mag identity theft." (D.C.)

"Pinalayas ko n yan sa isa sa mga events namin bro. Pina escort nmin sa security" (J.M.)

"I have to warn the Shangri-La Plaza peeps since there's been security/identity theft issues na pala with him. Ayala Mall security is very much aware of him and I saw him denied entry there at least 5 times kahit na free admission, open to the public event. Disturbing nung naging BFF na sila nung "blogger" na nakaaway mo na dati, (J)." (A.L.)

"I saw him many times in PR events, JBV. And guess what? Hindi lang PR event pinupuntahan niya. Pati Toastmasters Club meeting sa Microsoft Office, pinuntahan niya. Nagulat ako. Sa bagay, kelangan niya ring mag improve ng communication skills. Daming events na kelangan ng comm skills eh." (T.F.T.)

He gatecrashed two events
"He gatecrashed 2 events that I handled. Very pushy and will really insist he's trad media from Star. I asked who his editor was and he suddenly changed his statement to say he's an online blogger. Ayayay!" (G.J.C.)

Calling the attention of the PRs
"Oh well. Hinahayaan na lang sya ng mga PR at event coordinators na makapasok? Tamad ba sila o bulag? hehe so mang gatecrash na lang kayo para bandwagon hahaha. Kawawa naman kayo lol."  (M.C.)

"This has to stop!", cried many bloggers. Eventually, it will affect the credibility of the sponsor companies, including their press relation officers.

Are you aware of this so called "gategrasher", who claims to be a blogger? Does he even deserve to be called "lootbags blogger"?

A certain blogger said, the gatecrasher attended one of the events she organized; The guy wrote "" as his blog. When tried to access, the blog does not even exist. If you try to visit the web adress now, the domain is labeled as "maybe for sale".

i love sunshine

This posed an alarm to bloggers instead, as the guy could be misrepresenting anyone's blog out there.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

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Otakore Literantadodist said...

The guy will not be able to gatecrash if the event organizer properly organize their event (literally). Just a simple measure - No Printed Invitation, No Entry. Or a blue stamp on the invited guests. Just simple as that.

thisismylife said...

It is easier said than done... The problem of some invited people do not confirm and then some send their representative without telling the organizer... Precaution has to be observed if you deal with someone like this because he might create a scene in the event and organizers don't like that. This can be prevented if as invitee/s you do your part as well, please do confirm or RSVP. :)

Anonymous said...

At talagang yung "privilege" ang issue ng mga bloggers sa kanya?...

Wow! Makes me think highly of bloggers...

Athena Tria said...

wow. may mga ganito pa ding issue? grabe.