Mainland China shuts down Instagram amid Hong Kong massive protests

If you have been following the protests happening in Hong Kong over the weekend, tear gases thrown at the huge concentration of the protesters are far more than what they seem to be -- photo sharing tool Instagram has just been pulled off.

The revolution in Hong Kong will not be Instagrammed, headlined Foreign Policy on Monday. Mainland China just cut another cable of connection to social networking sites.

Chinese netizens raided the Internet with massive complaints over the unavailability of the photo-sharing platform.

Clear or perhaps official reasons why the platform was shut down are still unknown, but one may surmise that it is due to the flood of images related to the Hong Kong protests, uploaded on Instagram.

This is not the first time  that China swept its people over the use of social media services. Sometime in July, Chinese authorities did a similar move - Instagram app was nowhere to be found in China's Android app stores. Lucky are those who have already downloaded the program beforehand.

The playing field is different now. Instagram has just been completely banned.

These are some of the photos taken from the Hong Kong pro-democracy protest scene:

Hong Kong Protest photos

Hong Kong Protest photos

Photos: AP

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