Man jumps off Edsa-Timog fly-over (Raw Video)

UPDATE: The man who decided to end his life by jumping off Edsa-Timog flyover yesterday happened to live. He was brought to a nearby hospital - East Avenue Medical Center. He is now undergoing necessary treatments and observation. (Source)

A man (in his 30s) jumped off Edsa-Timog flyover was videotaped by a witness on September 3 (Wed) at around 5:30 PM.

Man jumps off edsa timoy flyover

Man jumps off edsa timoy flyover

The rescuers can be seen on the site but, to their utmost surprise, the suicide plan was committed. Despite persuasions, the man still managed to jump off of the flyover, ending himself planted on the road pavement, on his back.

About 19 hours ago, Facebook user "Arya Jose" posted an actual video taken at the suicide scene. The man's tragic fate was captured.

Here is Jose's post yesterday: (For some reason, the post was restricted from public viewing so we could not embed it here)

Here is another video uploaded on Youtube by user named 'The Insider': "Watch: Man jumps off Edsa-Timog fly-over (Raw Video)"

This news also went by the title "Video of man who jumped off Edsa-Timog fly-Over on Sept. 3 at around 5:30pm.. closer to the scene".

What are your takes on this rescue attempt? Was there any laxity committed by the rescue team? You watch the video closely to draw your opinion.

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