Marcos Maidana bites Floyd Mayweather? Watch replay (.gif)

Allegedly, Maidana bit Mayweather Jr. during their rematch on Sunday (Philippine time), at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Maidana bites Mayweather

The Marcos Maidana vs Floyd Mayweather rematch ended up with the latter as the winner via unanimous decision, though in a controversial fashion because of the so-called biting incident initiated by Argentine challenger.

While the scene captured by the cameras looks a little bit vague, the "biting" may have been resorted to by Maidana as a defense mechanism against Mayweather's suffocation strategy.

"Mayweather had been placing his hand to cover Maidana’s face to keep his opponent from breathing comfortably when they were huddled, so the bite may have been Maidana’s way of retaliating, if it happened.", Larry Brown of LarryBrownSports mentioned.

Apparently, Mayweather got a serious beating in the 8th round of the match. When Maidana got his head tucked under the champ's gloves, "Money" shouted "He bit me! He f'n bit me!"
Here is a replay .gif of Maidana "biting" Mayweather.

What are your thoughts on this? Did Marcos Maidana bite Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

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