ALERT: Motorist warns the public of bystanders at Skyway Buendia exit

A motorist shared his close call experience while traversing the Skyway in Makati, Buendia exit wherein, he spotted a group of bystanders, allegedly snatchers/robbers.

"REMEMBER THESE FACES!", the Facebook user whom we did not name directly to protect his privacy, warned.
Skyway Buendia exit bystanders

Skyway Buendia exit bystanders

Skyway Buendia exit bystanders

What the men do is that, they prey on motorists with open windows, then try to snatch something out.
I was driving on the Skyway when the airconditioner of my car decided to break down. So i had no choice but to open my windows. I fully opened the driver side window and i opened the passenger side window half way.
..i saw the guy with the gray shirt about 2-3 steps away from my vehicle, neck streched up high looking for something to snatch inside my car. 
Skyway Buendia exit bystanders

Lesson: Be careful when opening your car windows while on the road. If you do, take extra care and beware of people like those featured in the story we relayed.

With the bystander-infested streets we got in Metro Manila, you would never know where a robber would be coming from.

This is just scary, considering Makati is a big business district.

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