Ultimate irony spotted: Civilian motorcyclists wear helmet, policemen exempted? Hello helmet law!

What if you were in the scenario with a pack of motorcyclists waiting for the traffic signal to turn green, but the moment you look behind, you realized that among you is a policeman without helmet, riding a motorcycle with "For Registration" plate?

It's an irony at its best, right? Take a look at this ultimate sample:

You might just label this as "epic disobedience".

Sometime in June 2014, a memorandum was issued by the Philippine National Police trying to remind its ranks to stick to upholding the law and promoting the culture of professionalism as stated in CODE-P, which refers to the PNP reform strategy aimed at promoting respect for human rights.

The PNP warned its members to be mindful of the possible punishments out of the incidences, and or scenes captured (photos) and reported by the netizens and tagged onto PNP Hotline Twitter account (@PNPHotline).

While our motorcycle riding individuals, who could be our fathers, uncles, brothers or maybe sons trying to endure the daily torture brought about by the chaotic road traffic in the metro, we see this particular temper-rising image.

Props to Top Gear Philippines for featuring the above photo in their Facebook page.

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