Rape inspired t-shirt message draws outrage from the netizens

A t-shirt bearing the message "It's Not Rape, It's A Snuggle With A Struggle" was found in the boy's section of SM Department Store, Megamall.

SM Department Store T-Shirt

Writer and poet Karen Kunawicz took a snap of it and posted it on Facebook. In just an instant, it has gotten quite a huge number of likes and shares.

Kunawicz captioned the photo:

"Really SM Department Store? In the boy's section?

"It's Not Rape, It's A Snuggle With A Struggle?"

SM--the same mall that has the daily angelus and refused to show Tim Burton's "Sweeney Todd" in the cinemas?

Boys listen to Tita Karen--if a girl says NO and pushes you away, just err on the side of caution, she likely means NO. And go watch "Sweeney Todd."

Join the discussion through the Facebook post below, as embedded.

What is your take on this controversial t-shirt message found in SM Department Store, Megamall?

As sensitive as this issue can get, no one deserves to be raped nor abused. It's just not right.

That t-shirt came under the shade of branding? Perhaps, not as perfect as it's thought to be! "Before you throw in any smart a** humor about rape, think of all the women who have been through it and the women who will be victims because of how the rape culture is continuously being patronized by the society.", said the blogger behind Gelleesh.com.

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Gellie Abogado said...

Agree. No one deserves to be raped nor abused. I hope people will learn how to be more sensitive about such issues. Do they need to experience it first hand so just that they would understand?