Singaporean teen dies while taking usual evening shower

The supposedly usual evening shower routine of a teen in Singapore, turned deadly on Friday last week.

18-year-old Gregory Ng was found lying on the shower room's floor, 62 year-old grandfather Anthony Ng told reporters.

Apparently, Gregory Ng was having a shower when suddenly, he let go of sudden screams. His family rushed to see what was happening. They found him on the floor unconscious.

Ng died due to electrocution. It turned out that the newly replaced electrical socket connected to a water heater malfunctioned.

Singaporean teen Gregory Ng killed by water heater

The teenager was immediately brought to a nearby hospital, Changi General Hospital. Unfortunately, he died of cardiac arrest shortly after.

The grandfather of Gregory Ng lamented, he spent more than $300 on the water heater, only to find out it would claim the life of his grandson. (Source - News item and photo)

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