Three-eyed cow in India is worshipped as Hindu god Shiva (Video)

Hindus and non-Hindus alike flock to Tamil Nadu, southern India to see the cow born with three eyes

cow with a third eye

A two-week old calf in India has been making some rounds of attention among Hindus, thinking it coulbe be "god" Shiva's reincarnation.

Shiva, in Hinduism belief is one of the primary forms of God. The term "Shiva", also known as "Mahadeva" means "The Auspicious One". He is a patron of yoga and arts.

calf with 3 eyes

Apprently, the three-eyed cow is now a religious icon in India. Locals regard it as a blessing.

The cow with the third-eye is "a miracle", said owner Meghala.

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