Traffic enforcer goes amok in a road altercation with a bus driver (Video)

A viral video of a traffic enforcer in the Philippines, challenging a bus driver for a fist fight is surely a thing to deal with, when it comes to anger management. But almost always, the end results are shameful and traumatic.

Traffic enforcer vs Bus Driver

A road encounter like this, which can easily escalate into bloody a rumble has been a common news item, at least in Metro Manila.

Based on what can be seen in the trending video, the traffic enforcer looked like on a berserk mode, wherein he took his shirt off, slammed his helmet to the ground, and even dragged his very own motorcycle down.

From what the video showed, the traffic enforcer was somewhat trying to issue a traffic violation ticket to the bus driver, who believes he did not violate any rules.

Watch the video and see how their commotion ended:

This video has been on Youtube about 2 years ago, uploaded via account "Ang Laging Daan ni Doc John" -

We posted it here to serve as a reminder for all of us motorists, to keep our cool whenever possible.

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