Typhoon Mario Alert: While you walk down the flooded streets of Metro Manila, BEWARE of this!

Typhoon Mario Alert (#MarioPH)! With the streets, down to most of the establishments and residences heavily flooded, this is a timely reminder.

While you maybe walking down the flooded streets of Metro Manila, this is one of the tough things you should be dealing with. Extra care and vigilance are definitely needed.

Chinese girl fell down the manhole

A teenage girl in Xian, northern China suddenly found herself groping deep down a 6-meters deep hole. The way she fell was quick, while busy talking to someone on her cellular phone.

As all of us are aware of the conditions of most of our streets in Metro Manila, this incident is not far to happen. The metro even got openly gaping manholes unattended, if not totally ignored.

The teenage girl was lucky enough that a taxi driver passing by was quick to come to her rescue.

Watch the video:

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