Watch: How a pack of wolves changed a deteriorating national park in US. Ecosystem at its best!

Who would think that by deploying a pack of wolves would cause a series of fantastic changes right within the heart of a national park in the United States?

Wolves and Trophic Cascade

Here is the case of Yellowstone National Park, in the state of Wyoming, wherein, a small tweak in the ecosystem was seen effective in rebuilding the place back to its pristine purity.

While wolves are known to kill various species of animals, what it can actually mean in the real sense of the word when viewed in the context of ecological balance is simply amazing.

Little known to most of us, wolves in this case were able to activate the natural phenomenon called "Trophic Cascade".

Trophic Cascade happens when predators "suppress" the behavior, or even traits of their prey, thereby allowing the lower groups of preys in the chain grow in abundance.

It is equally surprising how, this seemingly little portion of a process can extend great benefits to the environment as a whole.

Watch this amazing video and see how the re-introduction of wolves revitalized mother nature.

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