20-months old kid does cute hip-hop showdown with dad

This is just cuteness overload! Watch this 20-months old little kid pulling off a hip-hop dance showdown with his dad!

jam with my lil man

A Czech Republic dad, Dominik Hungr was greatly amazed by what had transpired out of the "dance showdown video" of him and his little son he uploaded on Youtube sometime in September.

The video was titled "Morning jam with my lil man".

At the moment, the said video has been viewed 400,154 already. On Facebook, it has gotten 153,251 shares, with 496 likes to boot. On September 22, Dominik reposted the same video on his Facebook page; It now has 626 shares and counting.

In his status message, Dominik has the following message:
58 391 shares worldwide so far. I don´t know what to say. It was ment to entertain some of my friends and family members and this has happend. We are really happy to see that young couple with baby like us can inspire someone like this and that we are doing parenting right in their eyes
If you like the video and my son please share this through my youtube channel.
THX a lot and stay tunned for more vids with lil Nikos
Watch: Dad does a cute hip-hop dance showdown with his 20-months old son

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