3-year-old boy finds wire in Champola Choco Cluster

Here's a submitted story regarding a 3-year-old boy who found a strip of wire embedded in a chocolate snack! - Champola Choco Cluster.

Champola Choco Cluster

Finding something strange, more so of a dangerous thing or item, right within your all-time favorite snack is not cool at all. Aside from being disgusting, the danger it poses is creepy enough in such a way that you would be thinking twice of eating the same food ever again.

Few hours ago, we found an email from a certain resident in Pampanga who chose to be hidden as "Marivic of Pampanga" for privacy. She came from a blog named "Nutri Facts in the Packs". Marivic thought that the said site is an official online representative for Champola Choco Cluster, hence the sound of her message below:

Champola Choco Cluster

Nevertheless, we deemed her story is worth sharing so we asked for her permission if we could post it as a news entry instead. Thanks she agreed.

In her letter, she told about the horrible experience of her 3 year old nephew, who was eating a Champola Choco Cluster. Upon taking a bite, the little boy's tongue was caught by a metal wire.

** Champola Choco Cluster is being manufactured by FGC Marketing Corporation.

"Fortunately, his 11year old brother took notice of this and called our attention.", Marivic said.

Marivic wants to send the following words to FGC Marketing Corporation:
We demand an explanation as to why such poor quality & safety inspection on your products is being neglected.
Your products are favorite pasalubong of our nephews.
Because of this incident we will no longer patronize your product and will warn all our friends & family of this incident. 
We take this matter seriously.
In the email, Marivic hopes that FGC would render preferential attention to her nephew's scary experience with Champola Choco Cluster.

In addition, Barako Newsline is not in any way conclusive of this shared story regarding the said product.

However, we are glad to act as a medium for the two parties involved to settle or talk things down.

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