Alyzza Agustin issues apology over PNP officer calling card scandal

Car-show model Alyzza Agustin issued an official statement, containing an apology over  Philippine National Police officer calling card scandal, which trended in the social media networks the past days or so, TopGear posted Monday night.

Alyzza Agustin PNP Calling Card Scandal

The calling card controversy started from the model's Facebook post, thanking Philippine National Police officer Alexander Ignacio for his calling card with a written note which reads: "PLS ASSIST MY EA, ALYZZA AGUSTIN."

Alyzza Agustin PNP calling card scandal

As of writing this post, the above photo have gotten over 6,000 likes and about 4,000 shares.

In her post, Agustin related a road apprehension she got into, but due to the director's calling card, she somehow got away with the offense. The model stated, "Nahuli na naman ako dahil coding but because of you Boss Alex wala ng huli-huli. Thank you so much sa napaka-useful mong card with matching dedication pa."

Since the said social network post went viral like wildfire, its number of LIKES and SHARES shoot up very quickly.

Here's the statement of Agustin with her apology:

Alyzza Agustin PNP calling card scandal apology

At the height of the flaks overs the said post, a series of speculations even joked on the possibility that Agustin could be the police officer's mistress.

Agustin, on the other hand made it clear that she does not know Director Ignacio personally.

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