Clash of clans tip: How to ward off attacks from enemies using home-made simple machine

Are you a Clash of Clans freak or a hardcore player so to speak? Why don't you try this one of a kind Clash of Clans (COC) tip from Luis Tecson?

One of our friends pointed Tecson's Facebook post to us; We found it amazing and definitely helpful to those who want to safeguard their game, hence we posted a feature here.

Clash of Clans is a mobile MMO strategy video game for iOS and Android mobile phones. It was developed and published by supercell, a video game company based in Finland.

Many of you, specially avid and long time keepers of the said massively multiplayer online game could be quite anxious of the ways on how to take care of your game effectively. Perhaps, in an effortless way possible.

This Clash of Clans one of a kind tip simply rocks in its own way. Look how it is done.

Hindi ka na maatake, nahahanginan ka pa hahah 
Homemade Stylus:
Cotton Buds
Aluminum foil
A pen 
1. Remove the ink from the pen. 
2. Cut the cotton swab at a sharp angle and insert it into the mouth of the pen. Secure with tape. 
3. Wrap the foil around the neck of the pen, a couple of centimeters above the tip of the cotton swab. Wrap tightly, and secure with tape at the top. 
4. Moisten the cotton swab with a drop of water. 
*try it on your own risk, be safe

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