Customer finds dead mouse in McDonald's coffee cup

New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada -- How will you take the feeling of finding a dead mouse at the bottom of your coffee cup? It will be a tough thing to deal with, for sure.

Ron Morais, a customer from a Canadian province of New Brunswick, Fredericton got more than the bargain of his life upon finding the dead mouse inside his paper cup.

He related, he usually take the lid off to get his last sip, but Monday was a little bit surprising.
I always take the lid off to get my last sip of coffee. And when I took the lid off, there was a little bit of a surprise in my coffee cup. It was a dead mouse.
The dead mouse was down at the bottom of the coffee cup he picked up at a local chain of McDonald’s while on his way to work.

Morais showed the cup with a dead mouse to his co-workers. He received different reactions. One of them said:
Unless I had been there and seen Ron drink all that coffee down to the last drop, I would have been, like, 'You're lying
Another one was more of trying to imagine Morais' reaction upon seeing the dead mouse in the cup.

Morais, on the other hand, kind of felt ill from what he just encountered.

"I kind of had a little queasiness in my stomach", he said in an interview.

Following the coffee cup in a mouse alleged scandal, McDonald’s Canada issued a corporate statement.

"We take allegations involving cleanliness and sanitation very seriously", Jason Patuano, communications manager for McDonald’s Canada, eastern region said.

"Upon learning of this situation, the local franchisee immediately began an investigation, including working closely with the local public health authority who conducted an inspection this [Tuesday] morning following receiving a complaint.", Patuano added.

Morais said, he would like to know how the mouse got into the coffee cup.

McDonald’s Canada is currently investigating the incident. (Source: NY Daily News)

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