Cyclone Hudhud hits India, 150,000 residents evacuate

Cyclone Hudhud hit eastern seaboard of India on Saturday, India Meteorological Department (IMD) told reporters.

cyclone hudhud in india

About 150,000 evacuees were brought to safer grounds as  the "cyclonic storm" threatened to destroy farmlands and villages.

According to a rough estimate made by the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS), Hudhud may even pack winds of 130 mph in speed. Should it happen, the storm will be categorized as Level 4; It can bring "catastrophic" damages.

India authorities are now in close monitoring of the weather condition. If necessary, additional 300,000 people will be moved to nearby shelters, said coastal district of Visakhapatnam district administrative officer N. Yubaraj.

Some residents, specially those in the coastal villages were somewhat reluctant to leave.

"People are adamant. They are not willing to go. For the past three days we have been convincing them. Thank God. Now they agreed", local A.O. Vasantha Rayudu told reporters. (Source:

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