INFOGRAPHIC: The 'Binay Web of Connections'?

This has also been referred to as 'The Binay Web of Business Connections'.

The web of anomalies attributed to the Binay family has been swarming the Philippine Senate lately, and it is getting tough day by day. This thing stemmed from an alleged 'overpriced parking building in Makati City', which then propagated to include controversial properties in Batangas.

There have been Senate hearings and such, tackling the sensitive issue but then again, the attention is more focused on how the Binays are connected to whom, so much so, their properties to various government and private entities.

The following infographic illustrates the web of connections of the Binay family, as per special report by Sandra Aguinaldo on GMA News' "State of the Nation with Jessica Soho".

Binays' web of connection as presented by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV in a hearing (Binays' connection to the Rosario farm)

GMA News Research culled the relevant information using documents from the Securities and Exchange Commission. (Source: GMA News)

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