Lawyer faces multiple complaints after arguing and assaulting men in uniform (Video)

A lawyer involved in a minor vehicular collision was caught on a cellular phone camera, arguing and eventually assaulting men in uniform - a Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) constable and a policeman.

Atty. Zamora attacked policeman
Mugshot of a lawyer - positive in alcohol breath test
In the following video, the said lawyer can be seen dragging a policeman who responded to the scene of the accident. Her untoward actions even prevented the police and traffic officers from conducting proper investigation procedures.

Apparently, the said lawyer was drunk at the time of the altercation.

Atty. Zamora attacked policeman
Lawyer dragging a policeman
Saturnino Embuscado
MMDA officer being interviewed.. choked by the lawyer
drunk lawyer attacks policeman
Lawyer pointing at the policeman on site
In an interview, MMDA constable Saturnino Embuscado said the lawyer even choked him.

WATCH: Video of a lawyer arguing and attacking men in uniform:

According to a GMA Network News article, Atty. Zamora was found in violation of RA 4136 for "Direct assault", and "Alarm and scandal".

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