Noodle shop using opium poppy seeds? Owner admits mixing dish with it to attract customers

A customer identified as Liu Juyou was tested positive for opium during a routine urine test by traffic police, South China Morning post reported.

Noodles with opium poppy seeds

The clueless noodle shop goer could not believe he went positive, though he suspected it could have been from something he ate recently.

Despite shock and disbelief, Juyou was still detained by police for 15 days.

Determined to prove himself innocent, the detainee asked his family members to eat the same noodles at the said shop. Surprisingly, Juyou's relatives tested positive as well.

The noodle restaurant owner named "Zhang" was then arrested and subjected to questioning. He admitted he was lacing his noodles with powdered opium seeds with the hope of attracting repeat customers. He was then detained for 10 days.

On a side note, did you know that in 2012, the largest producer of poppy seeds in the world is Pakistan? It is followed by Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, and Turkey.


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