Pandesal selling boy not robbed, made up story says police

You must have read the news about a "Pandesal boy got robbed at knife point in Caloocan" a few days ago. In fact, the video showing him shaking in fear went viral on social media networks already.

Bryan - Pandesal boy got robbed

Due to the tragic story related by the 12-year-old pandesal selling boy, sympathies from the public and government officials poured in, so much so from the netizens who shared the boy's video online the Internet.

"Bryan"and his mother were even featured on TV 5, via Tulfo brothers' program for interview. In there, several gifts, including a scholarship award from a certain school were presented.

The pandesal boy said, he was robbed of his P200 earnings. He was videotaped sitting on a sidewalk, shaking in fear, while people swarm asking him several questions.

However, according to police, the boy might have made up the story due to fear of being "beaten up by his mother again" since he won't be bring money home.

Stories say, the incident was the third time the boy "got robbed".

The boy kept giving conflicting statements on where the robber went, said the traffic enforcer who first talked to Bryan.

Neighbors also doubted the truthfulness of the story of Bryan's mother, insisting his son would even escape just to sell. Residents say, the boy has been selling pandesal for several years already.

The area where the boy was allegedly robbed is always crowded, police said.

Was the pandesal boy robbed? Did he make up the story just to save himself from the beating he would be facing at home?

Stay tuned to this developing story as police eye on studying if the mother should face charges for beating up her son. (Source: ABS CBN News)

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