WATCH: Pinoy, Argentine, Turk & Mexican amazing Collab for 'Sweet Child O'Mine'

What happens when a Pinoy singer, Argentine lead and rhythm guitarists, a Turk bass guitarist, and a Mexican drummer collaborate? A pure fantastic and fabulous musical piece!

Sweet Child O'Mine Collab

The artists in this wonderful collaboration are the following:

Jerbert Forte - (Vocal, Philippines)
Juan Ignacio Varela - (Lead Guitar, Argentina)
Fran Ambrosis - (Rhytm Guitar, Argentina)
Omur Can Kayaokay - (Bass Guitar, Turkey)
Luis Musiera - (Drums, Mexico)

Through our quick scan, we noticed that this video was in fact, uploaded on Youtube some 4 years ago. But still, watching a cover of this quality of performance is never an old thing.

VIDEO: Sweet Child O' Mine (Collaboration cover) from Philippines, Argentina, Turkey and Mexico:

Sweet Child O' Mine is a song by American hard rock band Guns N' Roses. It was released in 1988. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

We learned that even before the influx of song covers on Youtube lately, a lot of other professional artists also covered Sweet Child O' Mine before. Some of them were "Texas", "Most Precious Blood", "Akasha featuring Neneh Cherry", "Luna", "DJ Dougall", "Milk Inc.", and "John Henneberry" among many others.

Time and again, we have been seeing raw talents of our very own Pinoy singers from the different corners of the world. Some of them got into the pedestal of the stars already, while a some remained still unnoticed.

With that, Barako Newsline is with and RachFeed in hoping that this Filipino singer will reap the due recognition he truly deserves.

Youtube upload by: chichothedrummer

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