Pinoy hard rock singer covers "She's Gone" by Steelheart (Video) - Another Filipino pride!

Here's for one "vocal chord tearing" cover of "She's Gone", a power ballad of the 90s heavy metal / hard rock band "Steelheart".

Pinoy covers She's Gone by Steelheart

Meet Joel of the "Hurricane" Pinoy band, pulling off a hard rock and metal song "She's Gone" by Steelheart - a foreign group that rose to fame from 1990 to 1996, then 2006 to the present.

We found this video on Youtube while looking for something to feature in a post for today; Perhaps, this is one of the golden Filipino voices and talents out there waiting for the well-deserved break.

Why not? Let us prove it to you by watching the video below:

That was one hell of a voice and pitch, don't you agree?

Paging Arnel Pineda or maybe, Regine Velasquez?

This Filipino metal rock singer is "Joel". He and another guy named Danny serve as the vocals for their band. The other members are:

Roel - lead guitar
Saul - second lead
Allan - drums
Roland - bass

According to an online publication some four years ago, Joel and his band can be found playing in Hard Rock Café, Liangma Qiao, Beijing.

He is in a band called "Hurricane", which was originally called "Wines and Roses". When they arrived in Beijing, they were asked to undergo a name change, hence the recent name.

"Hurricane" was formed sometime in June of 2002. Basically, the group plays rock music, but if the audience or venue call, disco, R&B and some old songs are also being considered.

Other than China, Hurricane have also performed in Malaysia and Thailand.

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