SPOTTED: Woman walks with polar bear in Tokyo streets

A woman with a polar bear walking in the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo district has been the talk of the news lately; It even sparked a stir online.

polar bear in shibuya tokyo

Some say, it must be one of the many stunts that you can see in the urban jungle of Japan, but for sure, seeing a polar bear "pet" of sort, taking a stroll in Tokyo does sound amazing and scary at the same time.

The woman who was seen crossing a pedestrian lane in Shibuya did not say a word about the gigantic bear on a leash she was walking with, but notably, she was wearing a shirt with the text "LALSH" in bold print on it.

Watch: Video of woman with a polar bear on leash, spotted having a stroll in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Could this be just a show? There has been an uproar online wherein people argue whether the polar was real or fake.

On the day the bear was seen walking the Tokyo streets, a lot of people swarmed and took photos; It then spread in the social networks.

Upon a few search, LALSH is actually a Facebook group (, labeled as an "Organization". It is comprised by more or less seven people. At the outset, a video can be seen in the page, showing seemingly the same polar bear spotted in Tokyo, doing some pranks on random people in a park.

While other people say that the beastly creature walked by the Blondie woman in Shibuya could be just a campaign stint, the video above looks to agree with the notion. Take a look at the leg part of the bear in red circle:

It sure looks like a bent human knee while trying to imitate how a real polar bear walks.

Could this be a man walking on all fours?

What are your thoughts? (Sources: Yahoo! SG, Mail Online)

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