Pope set to probe 'Playboy priests' with photos on gay sites

In a rather sensitive issue, the Pope is set to probe a developing rumor wherein 'playboy priests' allegedly posted photos on gay websites.

Playboy priests

Other allegations include "priests getting tattooed, stealing money and working as barmen", pinknews.co.uk reported.

The priests' controversial photos were even posted on Facebook and on gay websites.

The rest of the accusations dragging the name of the diocese of Albenga-Imperia are quite heavy.
One priest was found guilty of operating an under-age prostitution ring. Father Luciano Massaferro, was sentenced to over seven years in prison for sexually abusing an alter boy.
Bishop Oliveri, who has been in charge of the diocese for the past 25 years, will be investigated, despite not being directly implicated. The Bishop has in the past defended Father Massaferro.
In response, a Vatican spokesman said the Holy See will be conducting an investigation to find concrete take on the above-mentioned matters.

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