Robert Downey Jr. confirms Iron Man 4 (Video)

Iron Man 4 has just been confirmed! However, Robert Downey Jr. is still unsure if he will be the actor to continue the role or not.

Iron Man 4 confirmed in the making

Robert Downey Jr. was a guest on Ellen yesterday, wherein part of the interview dwelt on the question whether Iron Man is getting another installment in the future or not.

When asked for a rather firmer asnwer, Downy said, "Okay yes!"

That being said, Kevin Feige and his "creatives" are now in the talk on who will step in for the "Tony Stark" role.

Downy told:
To me, it comes down to what’s the half-life of people enjoying a character? It’s different on TV, where you expect the longevity over seasons while movies get a two- or three-year break
While Marvel is constantly on the move to intensify its craft, Downy is still unsure at what point his being an asset to the film and the Iron Man industry can go on.
Marvel keeps stepping up its game, and I appreciate the way Kevin Feige and all the creatives there think. They are as in the creative wheelhouse as any great studio has been at any point. So it becomes a matter of, at what point do I cease to be an asset to what they’re doing, and at what point do I feel I am spending so much time either shooting or promoting these films that I’m not actually able to get off the beachhead and do the kind of other stuff that is good for all of us. Each one of those movies is spread over two years and some people fit other things in.
Are you excited to see Iron Man 4?

Watch the video interview: Robert Downy Jr. talks about "Iron Man 4"

Watch out for Iron Man 4 poster or perhaps Iron Man 4 teaser / trailer soon!

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