Sri Lanka mudslide kills 10 people, 250 missing

In a still developing news, a monsoon-rains-triggered mudslide took place in Sri Lanka on Wednesday, killing 10 people while 250 were reportedly missing, Miami Herald wrote.

Colombo Sri Lanka mudslide

The mudslide happened at 7:30 AM at the east of the capital, Colombo, Disaster Management Center official Lal Sarath Kumara told reporters.

The rescue teams were able to recover at least 10 dead bodies at the site. As per estimates, around 250 people were missing.

Heavy rains have been sweeping Sri Lanka in the past weeks. Although "Disaster Management Center had issued warnings for mudslides and falling rocks", some residents still succumbed to an unfortunate fate.

"The current monsoon season in the Indian Ocean island nation runs from October through December.", Miami Herald added.

Military troops are now set to continue the rescue operations in the mudslide affected areas.

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