Taxi scare: Lady passengers tricked and threatened to pay P400

A Top Gear Philippines reader sent a message, who requested anonymity had a tragic and scary encounter with a scheming taxi driver, who tricked her and her friend to pay twice the fare they've agreed beforehand.

taxi scare

At the very outset, the transaction was already illegal since by law, taxi drivers cannot initiate nor engage in a contracted fare; A taxi meter should be used at all times.

However, due to lack of choices and desperation, the two lady passengers agreed to pay the fare the driver demanded, which was P200.

The taxi driver argued that it should be so because of the heavy traffic ahead.

The trickery and scheming emerged when the passengers reached their destination and about to pay. Clearly, they should be paying P200. The driver said, the total fare should be P400 for the two of them.

Naturally, the passengers reacted though terrified.

Read their story below, as per quoted by our source:
Hi, Top Gear. It's my birthday today, and I just want to share how one taxi driver ruined my day. Halos 30 minutes na kaming naghihintay ng taxi at UST when this one taxi stopped. Sabi namin sa Banawe Serenitea kami, and he said P200 na ang bayad kasi traffic.
My friend and I just agreed because it took us how many minutes to find a taxi. Nung nasa Serenitea Banawe na kami, inabot ko ang P200 kahit wala namang traffic kasi yun ang usapan. At nung tinignan ko ang metro niya, naka-off at putol ang wire. 
"Then he said, 'Bakit kulang to? P400 dapat kasi tig-P200 kayo.' 
"I said, 'Hindi kuya, sobrang mahal naman po niyan. From UST to Banawe dapat nga less than P200 lang.' 
"Then he started shouting at us and said, "Hinatid ko na nga kayo tapos magrereklamo pa kayo! Dapat nga kumakain ako ngayon pero hinatid ko na kayo!' 
"My friend was so scared kasi sobrang sumisigaw na yung taxi driver. Sabi ko, 'Kuya, mali naman po yun. Putol na nga po yung metro niyo.' 
"When he said that, I got scared too kasi pareho kaming girl nung kasama ko. So my friend just gave the P400 at nagmadali kaming lumabas ng taxi. 
"I wasn't able to take a picture of the taxi, but I got its plate number: UVP-178. 'Ahon Na' ang nakasulat sa door. Please hide my name na lang po, Top Gear. Thank you po and sana wala na ulit mabiktima yung taxi na yun."
Scary Indeed! In the first place, Taxis should not be blaming passengers for anything regarding their personal affairs unfulfilled or hampered for that matter. They are there to serve the passengers.

It is also illegal for a taxi to operate with a broken meter. That taxi bearing the plate number UVP-178 is surely a thing to look into, the soonest time possible.

Source: / Top Gear Philippines

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