US journalist recovers from Ebola virus infection

Ebola patient American video journalist Ashoka Mukpo is scheduled for release from his confinement in an Omaha hospital, reported on Tuesday.

Ashoka Mukpo

Mukpo will be discharged on Wednesday morning, Nebraska Medical Center said.

Mukpo was the second Ebola patient admitted to the said hospital. He was brought there on October 6.

The journalist contracted Ebola virus during a freelance work in Liberia as a cameraman for NBC.

Mukpo is from Providence, Rhode Island.

In general terms, it has been said that "there is no cure for Ebola". The question comes to mind, then "why some patients do survive?"

Why did Dr. Kent Brantly, Nancy Writebol and Dr. Rick Sacra, all contracted the disease while working in Liberia, survive?

On the other hand, Ebola virus infection victims Thomas Eric Duncan and Spanish priest Miguel Pajares died.

Factors such as early and high quality treatment, quick re-hydration and plasma transfusions may be the answers, as per CNN article published on Monday, October 20, 2014 - "Ebola outbreak in the West: Why some survive, some don't" (-

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