VIDEO: Angelic figure caught on cam, saving a dying girl?

Chelsea was born with "developmental disabilities" and has been suffering from a serious lung inflammation illness (pneumonia). She was on the pit of saying goodbye to her family when something of a "miracle" happened; A supernatural being appeared to send a message of life.

girl saved by an angel

Colleen Banton, Chealsea's mother considered the event as such. They've been praying for it.

"It's a blessing.. It's a miracle.", Chealsea's mother said, in tears.

An hour after the seemingly unexplainable instance, the bed-ridden girl began to show signs of quick recovery. Even the doctors were clueless what to say.
We've been praying for a miracle and I think this is the beginning of it.
The thankful mother said Chealsea was saved by an angel.

"An angelic figure appeared up on a security monitor.. and it was an image of an angel.", Mrs. Banton added.

At first, she thought that was the angel to take her daughter to heaven or a spiritual messenger to say that Chealsea is getting better.

The angelic figure, with wings and a halo was seen as bright bands of light only visible on the hospital's security monitor. Some of the hospital workers said they saw something similar as well.

Watch the video interview / report:

This mixture of heart-rending and uplifting event happened in a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Angels are both depicted in most religious beliefs, including Christianity and Islam.

There are many religious references that can be found describing, and even relating real-life stories and inspirations involving the said supernatural beings.

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