WATCH: Best kulintang and agong performance from Maguindanao

To bring to you two of the best traditional musical instruments that are popular in Southeast Asia, we got here 'Kulintang' and 'Agong'.

Kulintang ang Agong ensemble

'Kulintang' is actually the modern term referring to an ancient musical instrument, that is composed of horizontally laid down small gongs (Agongs). In such a way, they produce melodious tunes, and are usually accompanied by its bigger  version - 'Agong'.

While the kulintangs are arranged horizontally, the agongs are suspended vertically.

Together, the two sets of instruments may comprise a music ensemble. It has been a huge part of the gong-chime culture of Southeast Asia.

For many centuries already, these instruments or ensemble has been played in Eastern Malay Archipelago - the Southern Philippines, Eastern Indonesia, Eastern Malaysia, Brunei and Timor.

In the Philippines, provinces of Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat for example, kulintang and agongs are still grand parts of many occasions and festivities, specially weddings.

Traditionally, a day or night before a scheduled feast, relatives and friends from the neighboring barangays would flock to the venue to witness a small show, wherein known enthusiasts of the kulintang and agong would sort of show off their skills in playing the instrument.

So much for the background, we are featuring below a local conduct of a small ensemble in Tambunan, Guindulungan, province of Maguindanao, wherein old women folks do a beautiful musical round.

Watch and be amazed! Old women in Maguindanao show off their skills in playing kulintang and agong video:

Thanks to Facebook user Gred Chelse for the video upload.

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