VIDEO: Amazing and fierce 5-year-old Muay Thai kid - Ramadan Ondash

Do not try yourself walking around the neighborhood of Lebanon feeling so tough and all that.. this mighty kid might just beat your sorry a**, for good.

Ramadan Ondash Muay Thai Kid

Meet 5-year-old Ramadan Ondash from Lebanon. He has an older brother named Ahmad Ondash, who is a Muay Thai coach.

Ramadan may be the next Muay Thai world champion you would be seeing in your TV screens or livestream perhaps, in the next 15 years or so. Don't you think so?

This little beast is already a champ at his age - just take a look at how he behaves in this sort of a media practice taken in their gym.

Watch: Tough 5-year-old Muay Thai kid from Lebanon Ramadan Ondash video

This is Ramadan Ondash again acting as the coach for the time being.

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