10 mind boggling giant structures and monuments from around the world

Most if not all of us would surely love to visit known and famous places around the world, so much so, to lay eyes on these mind boggling, and perhaps weird structures and monuments.

Did you happen to visit these places where the following structures are located? Take a look!

1. Giant Gundam Robot in Tokyo, Japan

Giant Gundam Robot

2. The giant tree tap in Tecnopark Wintertur, Switzerland (Image: Bill Liao - flickr)

The giant tree tap in Tecnopark Wintertur,

3. Enema Monument in Russia (Image:  englishrussia.com)

Enema Monument in Russia

4. The Headington Shark in Oxford, England (Image: Wikipedia)

The Headington Shark in Oxford

5. The Melting Cow in Budapest, Hungary (Image: Pinterest)

Melting Cow in Budapest

6. The Passer-through-Walls Monument in Paris (Image: coolstuffinparis.com)

Passer-through-Walls Monument in Paris

7. Statue of Saint Wenceslas riding a dead horse in Lucerna Palace, Prague

Statue of Saint Wenceslas

8. Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska


9. The Faceless Crawling Horror Babies in Prague (Image)

Faceless Crawling Horror Babies

10. Child-Eater Fountain ('Kindlifresserbrunnen') in Bern, Switzerland


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