4 Amazing Health Benefits of Tea

Perhaps, one of the most remarkable thoughts that would come to your mind when asked about tea is that, it is some kind of a relaxation dose or an antioxidant.

Just like coffee.

health benefits of tea

But did you know these 4 amazing benefits of tea lurking around for you to exploit?

We came by Health.Com's News section and we found this fantastic article written by Amelia Harnish.

In the said article, tea is not just your typical porch buddy when taking sometime to relax after a tiresome work day. It is but a significant agent in dealing with stress, blood pressure and cancer.

Let's get into the list:

Tea can reduce ovarian cancer risk
According to a data cited in our reference article, black tea is somewhat influential to effect at least 31% reduction of an ovarian cancer risk.

Tea can take care of you blood pressure
A study published in a British Journal of Nutrition said tea can lower blood pressure.

Tea can lessen the risk for pancreatic cancer
A research featured in a cancer related journal said:
Those who regularly drank it had a 32% lower risk of developing pancreatic cancer compared to women who didn't sip the brew.
Tea can reduce stress
Another reference journal, this time, of Physiological Anthropology said green tea and shaded white tea can help calm down a stressed person.

But that is not all!
Tea is indeed a health pill to some, but it may not be the appropriate resort for others. Given its amazing health benefits, tea can also become disadvantageous.

For one, tea may interfere with your body's absorption of iron. In an article on Livestrong.com, tea is said to contain antioxidants called flavonoids.
Flavonoids, however, bind to the nonheme iron found in plant foods such as beans and vegetables as well as dairy products. If you drink your tea with these foods, therefore, your body may not be able to access some of the iron.
Hence, it was suggested that it is better to limit the intake of tea to between meals only, or add some lemon to "counter the iron-binding effect.".

How often do you drink tea? Were you aware of the above-mentioned amazing health benefits of tea?

Sources: Livestrong.com | Health.Com

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