'Bird killers' in UP Diliman deny witnesses' assertion. Witness refutes!

In a television interview via GMA News last night, the men identified as the 'bird killers' in the University of the Philippines lagoon denied the witnesses' assertion. They said the Black Bittern was already dead when they found it.

Black Bittern killed in UP Diliman lagoon

One of the men (in red shirt) said they did not kill the bird, and that, he is but a regular scraps collector inside the campus to earn a living for his kids.

Contrary to the above claim, Amado Bajarias Jr., one of the witnesses of the senseless killing in the lagoon had the following statement posted on his Facebook page about an hour ago.
Just saw the GMA Saksi news item on the black bittern killing in UP Lagoon. Lu-Ann and I are not surprised that the men deny killing the bittern. Since work prevented us from giving our side before airing time, I would like to clear some points.
First, there was a short chase, followed by loud whacks. That commotion was what attracted Lu-Ann and me to what the men were doing. If the bird was already dead, why would they need to chase it and hit it repeatedly? A group of men supposedly finding a dead animal in the mud would not have attracted our attention. 
Second, there was another witness, who reached the men before we did. He took pictures with his camera phone. The men posed with the bird for him. Lu-Ann was the second person to reach them. She said, "Pinatay nyo?" One of the men replied, "Oo, pero may sugat na..." She then took pictures furtively. 
Third, one of the men, hung the carcass from a branch. At this point, I joined Lu-Ann and the third witness. The three men turned away and moved away from the carcass and talked among themselves. Meanwhile, Lu-Ann, the other witness and I discussed what happened and I took pictures of the carcass. The other witness was the first to identify it as a Black Bittern (he was also familiar with the birds in the campus). The three men were huddled, too, talking among themselves. They were obviously deciding what to do. Lu-Ann and I decided to find a guard to report the killing. Along the academic oval, we saw two guards on bicycles and told them what happened. 
We were never contacted by the UP Police, although they identified at least two of the men through our FB posts. (Source)

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